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She is lost again… traveling in her mind trying to find something. What is she looking for? Something.

What is something? Doesn’t matter. She’s just looking for it. The mug falls out of her hand into the sink and the handle breaks, again. Not again. Yes, again.

Not the handle breaking just the fact that another mug is bro- aaand… she’s back. At least her hand didn’t get cut… this time. This time. *sigh*

Can the sound of running water be blamed? Can it be blamed for causing the mug to fall and break? The sound of running water while hand washing dishes. The sound of running water. The mindless task of scrubbing away because there is no machine dish washer in this reality – this kitchen. Just hands.

Jazz hands.

No. The sound will not be blamed. The sound is doing what it does because the water is doing what it does… flowing through a faucet… inside a house… cleaning dishes… flooding the… what? Broken pipes.

It’s the human shell. She travels too much during the mindless tasks and forgets about the water sports in front of her. She sees clearly. She imagines clearly. She gets lost. Clearly.

“Imagine a white board… place things you want on that board… draw them out… see them…”

The things she imagines are better than her current things. Imagining does help. It’s a form of escape. It’s a form of adventure. It’s a form of meditation.

Yeah, yeah. She was getting to it: “Meditation.” You can meditate however you feel like. Sometimes you do it on purpose and other times, accidentally.

On purpose is nice. When you know you’re doing it. When you know what you want to think about. Feels safe. Feels like planning while napping. Then you figure it out. On purpose is when you decide to sit down and just be at peace.

Accidentally is a jerk. She starts off innocently sweeping the stone floor but then ends up in a memory – comes back on the floor, crying – face drenched. The memory felt so real. At least the floor is cleaner. Does she remember cleaning it though?

Why does it happen while she sweeps?

Sometimes, just flashes of past dreams. Most times, just a memory – a memory most cherished. It vanishes. There is sadness. Emotions.

Do you remember your dreams (day and night)? Do you see so clearly? What do you do with this information?

What comes out of all this? What comes out of seeing something as clear as day in the mind – literally unable to show anyone else? What is it for? Who is it for? Torture.

Why is it sometimes a memory? Why is it something never seen before? Who cares?

Why does “meditating” play a part? Meditation – you can meditate any way. Anything you chose to do could be a form of meditation, they say.

Sweeping, cooking, preparing food, walking canines, folding clothes, petting felines, washing dishes, cleaning the stove, sitting on the couch listening to music – to name like one or two. Ha. Forgot painting! Three.

Answers stem from meditation. So does sleep. You could start to “meditate” while laying down and get really comfortable to where you fall asleep – and that’s cool. You may have a dream. You may have a nightmare. You may wake up sweating. You may “meditate” on the toilet. Two hours later or maybe it is only ten minutes later. It felt so real either way.

Nobody has to believe that it happened to you. You can find someone that tells their story and their story sounds like your story and then BAM! What you experienced is real, isn’t it?

Meditating is normal. Sometimes people can go too far when they do it and that’s normal, too. Some people are trained well to meditate and others are super new. All of this is normal. It may help the mind. It may provide answers. The choice to try is ultimately yours. You don’t have to do anything at all. Or…

You can travel.

If you believe, then she believes. Today is a good day to believe in yourself. Meditate on your next move, or don’t. You got this far though, didn’t you?

Make sure to eat somethin’ ~



  1. I’m wondering what is the difference between meditating and daydreaming.

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