Creative Blocks

The brain is strange. One moment it wants to create and the creation starts – but then it stops. The brain gets to a certain point and then just says “nope.”

Sitting here typing away about how the brain is strange because the block is spreading through all creative veins. Tried to create music – nope. Tried to paint – nope. Tried to write words down as song lyrics – kept scratching them away. The Nope Monster making a debut.

Nothing was working.

Nothing is working – other than typing out thoughts. Thinking is easy. Thinking is natural. Sometimes, thinking is hard. Other times, thinking can be your worst enemy.

Right now, the thoughts are allowing just this. These words. Who knows why?

There was a plan. There was a schedule… and there she was… outside collecting acorns… again. Trying to negotiate with the squirrels that are working hard to eat all the pumpkin leaves from the small pumpkin patch growing in the backyard. Simply placing the acorns on one of the ledges of the fence – wondering if these efforts mattered. Maybe they did.

They know, they see, they are always watching. The squirrels – nature’s gardeners. One on one side of the fence, one on the other. Both communicating to each other trying to figure out how to get around the newly placed cover over the pumpkin patch. The cover that was not needed until 8 of the 24 pumpkin babies were… devoured. It was unknown that the squirrels liked pumpkin leaves.

After leaving the acorns on the ledge and going back inside to try creating again… nothing. Great! So now we are here, reading this nonsensical nonsense about a girl and her squirrels.

Well, you were reading about a girl and her squirrels until it lead to just reading this again. That story was short and didn’t hold much other than squirrels like to eat pumpkin leaves and now the pumpkin babies are safe. Never actually tried growing pumpkins before because the space was not there. It is now, for now.

Sometimes the brain is an empty space. Those are the best times – when no thoughts funnel through – when it is just quiet. Then again, it does get too quiet and maybe then it’s not good.

The worst feeling comes from not knowing what to do next or where to go from a certain point. The heart wants to keep going. The mind blocks the heart. It’s the worst random battle ever. Potions scarce, mana is low, etc. etc. – Video Games.

Anything created is felt deeply. There is a meaning behind all things created. A huge meaning.

Pieces of the soul go directly into anything. It’s like payment. They probably have it written down somewhere “To Create, the Soul must be charged.” Looks like a double meaning. If they don’t have it written down somewhere then it has been claimed – right here right now!

“To Create, the Soul must be charged.” – Metapopsicle [11/7/2022 @ 17:40 EST.]

A double meaning: To charge the soul as costTo charge the soul as energy. Everything comes with a price. Even these words cost something, somewhere.

A random fast food drink cap holding iced caramel coffee (with extra ice – because the sun) read “Time to Sip Away.” Yeah, literally. Time, being sipped away. Even as an illusion – time is still there.

Maybe today was not a day to create music. Maybe today was not a day to sing. Maybe today… painting was just not going to work out. It’s okay, really.

Maybe the brain isn’t strange. Maybe the brain knows more than the human shell it hangs out in. Maybe the brain says “no” because it knows that there is a “yes” somewhere else.

This here, is a “yes.” Brain said “Yes, write this.” Good job for writing out these thoughts! Now, these thoughts are here and not there – clearing up room to create. Still not completely sold on this theory – but could be valid enough at this point.

Maybe – just maybe -the painting could happen, the music could be created, and the song could be written. The painting will happen… The music will be created… The song will be written.

Depends on the mood.

How to define the mood of “feeling lost?” Is it like confusion with a side of awareness? Vice versa?

When feeling lost, the brain seems to still be active. These words happen instead of what was planned. Whatever these words may mean or be for. No one will ever know… or maybe.

The brain is simply… a brat.

Make sure to eat somethin’ ~



  1. Alexander Giang says:

    The brain is the most deadliest weapon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a wonderful gift!


  2. Adrian says:

    “Time to Sip Away.” Your interpretation was genius. That will stick with me.

    Liked by 1 person

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