Updates to Meta’s Musings Podcast

Metapopsicle (“Meta”) recently started a new endeavor called: metaventures.

Question: What is/are metaventures?
Answer: It first started as code name Help Me!TA – short for Help Me! Text Adventures. Then slowly merged into “metaventures” which are text-based games with a twist – taking you through time and space and any other placewhilemaking you question the very own reality you stand in, yes, You – in the form of a book, video game, or playing card written and created by your friendly internet bard, Metapopsicle.

As an omniadvocate [pronounce this however you feel sounds right] (not a real term, yet – just simply a metatermsicle), meaning: advocate for everything – It is strongly believed that the imagination – the beautiful tasty brain up there is more powerful than anything. Reading helps keep the mind young. Some readers can see what they are reading as the words transform into a movie in the mind. A mindmovie ~ slowy producing itself as the words dance forward.

Anyways… The title of these text-based games would simply be: “metaventures” with the corresponding room or location. 

For example:
metaventures: The Kitchen

“Cool, so how do we support or become more involved with metaventures: The Corresponding Room blah blah?”

Thank you for asking! There are many ways:

  • Follow the journey – Take a visit to Linktree and simply click the social lands (Twitter or Instagram). Keep up with the posts!
  • Play the demo games on Twitter or Patreon (posted publicly) – This is completely free and will show you what you’re in for as there will be many different types of adventures you can choose to try. Also, if you do play the game and it’s “Game Over” (or of course if you “Win”) you will be offered a chance to voiceover your gameplay (if you do not wish to do this then your gameplay will be record by myself or another). Voiceover my gameplay? Yes. More explanation after the list. Stay tuned!
  • Becoming a Patron – There are Benefits to this such as a private discord community, weekly watch riff parties, coupon codes to the shop that will be mentioned below this bullet point… and more!
    • Calling all artists/writers/designers/creatives you get it… Join Metapopsicle’s Party.
    • Why are you calling us?
      • Because you can be part of the creativities. For example: your awesome art or amazing POV shots on your iPhone 27 camera with X8 zoom or something another and will be credited for your work within all of Metapopsicle’s work depending whether or not you choose to. Some humans enjoy being mysterious.
  • Purchase a handmade item from Metashopsicle – You will find what most call metaphysical protection amulets here for your own personal life adventures. These amulets are specially created with unconditional love, protection, and of course Metapopsicle. Meta grew up surrounded by natural magic and wants to share this beautiful phenomenon with you. They are sent off with their own cleansing packet so that they can have a clean, fresh start with you. The strongest part of the mind is the belief it creates and manifests. Even if you do not believe in any of what was stated prior these items can simply been seen as: handmade wearables created with unconditional love – that’s it.
    • New items added weekly. Keep checking back for what calls you!
  • Hang out with Metapopsicle and friends on MetaMonTuesdays. Streaming live on Twitch starting late Monday evenings and ending early Tuesday mornings. Gameplay and scene is casual ~ Mainly 18+ because sometimes, adult words and phrases.
  • Checking out Meta’s Musings podcast – as you have been. You have been, right? Right. Hosted on Anchor.fm you can listen to it on other places like Google Podcasts and Spotify just to name a couple.
  • And of course if you simply do not wish to deal with all those shenanigans but think the idea is pretty neat and can’t wait to see the e-books and first playing card game set, sending a good luck Tip is always appreciated!

Let’s go back in time… *rereads blog post* Updates to Meta’s Musings Podcast… blah blah… ah yes!

The Updates! What are the Updates?! Okay, hold on… *reads some more* .. ah okay…right about… “Voiceover my gameplay?

Yes. Should you choose to join in and play a metaventures demo game – you will be asked if you’d like to voiceover the choices you made. Why tho? Why not?

These voiceovers will be added directly to Meta’s Musings podcast as podcast adventure stories for someone that does not like to or does not want to read but sure as muffins does want to listen to a quick story that will play pictures in their think machines… that’s what this is for. You will be part of the adventure! This whole amazing, silly, fun, creative, ridiculously LONG – seriously, the math was done for this and the problem is still being worked on by the greatest NASA scientists… from the year 2089.

Meta, why are you doing this? Because I believe.
Meta left her full-time “stable” job with some coins in the pocket to pursue this life’s purpose: to help and advocate everything and anything. To tell a story, share a poem, teach a lesson, make a mistake, fail, cry, laugh, experience, to show unconditional love and what it truly means… etc.

In summary: The update to Meta’s Musings podcast focuses around adding the metaventures demo game stories as podcast adventure stories for you to listen to while driving, at home cleaning, in bed, on the couch, on the toilet, in the kitchen… all the good places.

What a mouthful. Thanks for getting to the end of this. If you did, here is a metawaffle: <(o.O)>#

Make sure you eat somethin’


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