There are Shadows –
There are Faces –
There are People in Multiple Places –

There is Life –
There is Death –
There is Hope –
Take a Breath –

Look Around –
Hear the Sound –
Of the Birds –
Calling to the Ground –

Dinosaurs –
No, Dragons… –
Moving Masses –
In Three Wheeled Wagons –

Coffins –
Bridges –
Potato Chips –  
With all the Ridges –

Take This –
Take That –
Oh Look –
A Vampire Bat –

Wear White –
Wear Black –
Does it Matter –
When You’re in the Sack? –

Ignis Fatuus –
Lux Noctis –
Finis Ludis –
Bliss –

Insomnium – Meta 

This episode contains some long ramblings that are too long to type here or there, maybe not too long for somewhere… care to listen? Then continue on… and tune in next time for another one of… Meta’s Musings.  — Send in a voice message:



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