Over MEasy

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Over MEasy Get Over Me – It's easy – I'm Sure – Run run run – To your Ex-Wife's Back Door (if you know what I mean) – Not One, Not Two – Not Three – Or Four – Five Six Seven – Eight Nine Ten – You said – You told her – "No More" – Why Divorce? (she didn't want to) – You Paid the Bill – Didn't You? – Fake Divorce – There's Pleasure Galore – Remember You Ran to Her – When You didn't Want Me Anymore? – She Will Respond – Of Course She Does –  With the Help of Your "Best Friend, his Wife" & "Brother" – Buzz Buzz Buzz – Oh What's That? – Time to Eat? – Exotic Food? – Must be a Treat… – Indian Cuisine – Weight Loss Tea – How's it working For Her? – Ha Ha Ha Apologies… – Sometimes These Visions – Can be a Blur – Oh Look – Another Gifted Pot that I can Stir – You wanted to Show me Your Love? – OH! – I get it Now! – Gypsy Phish – Glub Glub – DROWN – You tripped and fell into her Parts – Boom Boom Pow Pow – Much Fun – Very Wow – Fake Hearts –  No New Friends – They Say – Yeah that's Healthy – Not Toxic in Any Way – Buzz Buzz Buzz – New Message Today – She wants to "Just Talk" – You Know… Body to Body – What Do You Say? – She Speaks Your Language – Have Fun – Go Play – I choose my Pen – You both can enjoy – being Numéro 10 –   Over MEasy – Meta – That was a lot to unpack wasn't it? What can it all mean? Hmm.. I wonder… I mean it's in Plain ENG I would say. A little bit of Rhymes here and there but that's okay. My messages gets out in such a way that it'll get out there, Today. And… I also wanted to say that sometimes you get into situations where the possible other person that you thought would progress with you, and move forward with you, and decided to live in the now as opposed to be stuck to their past… tied to a string to where they couldn't grow out of the immaturity and necessity, manipulation, control, as if they enjoy it.  I don't stand for that.  I stand for my own personal, spiritual freedom, when that is the case, the case is closed.  I decided that I want no more of it. Because I deserve Better.  Maybe one Day Better will Come… I'm not in any Hurry and I'm not going to rush into anything.  People like to do that though, rush into something… make a mistake.  How do you get out? Sometimes, it's hard… Sometimes very carefully… This time it was "Huh…" I got a Juicer. Take care. And still… As if that person thought they learned something… their mind was still being controlled by the people they choose to continue to speak with.  They choose the Toxic BS. Another part of their manipulation.. what am I gonna do? Go away. Do my own Thing. Live my own life. I am the most Important to Me – In my life… I must live for other reasons. I prefer the unknown. I have no idea what I'm doing after recording this podcast.  Why? Because that's how life should be. We live within the Unknown.  We shouldn't know. Because we really don't know.  A lot of the times, the answers have to come from within.  I will follow my intuition… like I always have been because my Intuition for myself has been a pretty scary right as opposed to left.. if you know what I mean… I know you do…  — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/metapopsicle/message

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