Missed Connection

Missed Connection Meta's Musings

You like Someone – They like Another – and you don't want to seem like a Bother – Keep to Yourself – This Too Shall Pass – Place Your Feelings in a Jar made of Glass – They Come – They Go – and it's Okay – Plenty of Fish – In the Sea – They Say – Being High – Doesn't Help – Less of a Fish – More of a Kelp – Swim Swim – Swim Away – Live to Enjoy the Day – Feeling Alone? – I do, too… – That's the Price you Pay – When they don't have a Clue – Missed Connection – Meta – One of the best and worst experiences as Human is to connect Emotionally with another Human. Why is it the Best? Well wait – let's rewind.  I said connect Emotionally – completely different than Physically.  Anybody can connect Physically.  Anybody… if you get my drift? Is it worth it? That's for you to answer.  Let's go back to the Emotional Connection.  The Emotional Connection is at its Best when you find someone you can connect with in ways where You understand them more than they understand Themselves and They understand you more than You understand Yourself. As if you find your complete Mirror Image that can answer the questions you've been asking your whole life about yourself. You meet them, you talk to them, discuss, envision, grow, imagine, and it's AMAZING! Then… sometimes… it becomes the Worst experience.  They decided they want to Reject you. You're not Good Enough. They become a Ghost. For example, you start to talk to someone and they talk back to you… and it's innocent in the beginning. Back and Forth. Talk Talk. Then you find later, as into them as you were, they just wanted someone else.  You find that when you go to support them and hang out with them and continue to learn and talk to them more… because you want to learn more about this person, you find that the rejections comes from them Disappearing from your World. That's when it becomes the Worst feeling – experience.  Just the Worst.  So, what do you do? You keep moving forward. This Too Shall Pass.  There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea.  They are Humans everywhere. But what is interesting is that when you have those emotional connections that's where it is the most Special and most Interesting.  Because you are Born alone and you Die alone.  Where is it Written that you even need anybody.  Where is that saying that you need to connect with someone? It is the most Unknown, Interesting, Human Experience that there is. If you are someone that has been rejected lately by someone you believe should be that one for you… just remember: This Too Shall Pass.  It happens to me a lot. Even Recently… I can say that I was really interested in someone. I tried my best… But I was coming out of a past relationship… I decided to keep to myself and figured if they wanted me, they would reach out to me, but the world doesn't work that way.  Sometimes, you have to be a Tiger to get what you want. But we are all Humans living the Human Experience.   — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/metapopsicle/message

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