Patience Meta's Musings

Beautiful Girl – Little Bit taller than me – Short Hair, Dark Eyes – A real anomaly – The first time we met – She came out of the walls – like a jet – And Said… She said – This is my Device – My isn't it Nice – To Activate – Use Voice and State – Area Code/Year – Then You'll Disappear – No need to Fear –  Time is a Construct – Wipe off that Sweat Duct – You and I will always be Here – Far apart, yet Near… Near – The Unknown Timeline will Continue – As long as you choose to care For You – We will find each other again – Until Then… Until Then – Go Ahead… Go Ahead – Go Ahead and wait by Big Ben – Patience – Meta – Stop waiting for things that are out of your control! Patience is a concept that is intertwined with the Positive and the Negative… Where you believe you must wait because… Time… But, Time is a construct. Yes, you may have to wait, but you can Progress while waiting. That's all on You. If you want something to happen, think about what needs to be available to you to make those things happen. If you just wait around nothing will happen.  You have to take charge and do what you gotta do. At then end of the day it's always going to fall back on YOU. It's your job to figure yourself out… right? Therefore… How patient are you? Could you wait for something? While you wait, how will you progress? Side note:  Have you noticed time slowing down lately? Anyone else notice? You know what else I noticed? I've unlocked my 50 listener goal so that I can start selling you things people want to sell you with my voice! Thank you all so much for your support and tune in next time for another one of Meta's Musings… — Send in a voice message:

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