Spell FEAR

Spell FEAR Meta's Musings

Come Along, Come Along – The Bard is here to sing her Song –  Come close, Gather Near – She will sing away your FEAR – Because – F is for Funny so – Do not be afraid – E is for Everything –  Even loud sounds that can be made – BUT- Ayyy is for After – Because after everything – You come across the letter R – That pulls you into its Ring – Its Ring of Light – With a ball of dark chaos inside – And You – You ask Why? – Why??? – Because Light and Dark create the Sky – So, Please… Look Up – You can see that there's nothing there – It's just a word – It's just a word – Just a word… F – E – A – R – It's just a word – Spell FEAR – Meta – Words are Powerful. So powerful… even small words like FEAR. In itself, FEAR just four letters… but people cannot face it! They can't face it! It's just a word… at the end of the word there's… you guessed it, Nothing! Think about that.  How can you face something that has been created by your own mind? You tell it to Go Away. You take whatever you think is the Fear haunting you and analyze it. Really look into why it's scaring you. When you figure it out and realize that you can stop, look back, pause a little, and reflect, and then realize that you are doing it to yourself… (even if others are involved) it's still You. That's it. When you realize it's You (with others sometimes). People out there will play on your fears where they will say something that will rent space in your brain and then they wait patiently… maybe they will disappear… creating that… "fear." At the end, you must realize it's You. You hold the string, you control, you play games, you do whatever you want to do. It's always going to be you.  Just figure out how to play the game right. If you continue to think that you are doing everything wrong then you will continue to live in that fear that you created for yourself.   It's always going to circle back to the person in the mirror… Which is You. You are more Powerful than you know and that is my message…. Thank you all for listening and tune in next time for another one of Meta's Musings. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/metapopsicle/message

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