Never liked Gold – It makes a person Old – Drains their energy – Sucks the Youth out Cold – Transfers right to Me – Karma's really Bold –  It's a gift, you see – Evil Eye Attacks Reflect and Fold – Because I am Me – My Soul is mine to Hold – I know you're listening – But my Message has been told – But, but, but, but, – You're easily mind controlled – By not one, two, three, yes, Four – C. D. F. F. – Oh, what a Snore! – They can Have You Dear – I exist No More in Your Reality – So Go and Face your Fear – I'll stay Silver, over Here… – Silver – Meta – Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy, if you say it enough it loses meaning.  It starts to sound like Jelly. It's interesting how far people can go because of Jealousy to get what they want in the end.  They do it even to get another person (scary). They do it so strategically, where it looks like they are the victim… Sound familiar? That's called Manipulation… even better Crowd Control Manipulation. To be in control because of jealousy.  To be jealous of a person they don't even know but somehow that person affects their lives so much that they had to go so far and do things… Manifestations, Spells… but it won't work, not on me, instead, it reflects.. Karma knows when the game is played right and I can't wait for the person that needs to hear this to really Hear it. My messages have multiple meanings and especially when jealousy is involved and relationships end poorly… I am who I am and It is what it is… so… Thank you all, I have almost reached my 50 listener goal with your support and feedback, therefore, you must Stay Tuned for another one of Meta's Musings. — Send in a voice message:

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