Abuse Requiem

Abuse Requiem Meta's Musings

Saliva in my Eye – Face rubbed into Carpet –  So long ago – I can't remember why – Bruised Eye – Head smashed into car window – the Emergency brake – Pulled over at a lake – or possible grave – Bruised Head – Shoved into unfinished wall – Lip begins to tear and bleed – a few punches on my right – Tossed into Cold Shower – Bruised Chest – Held close one night – Until I fell asleep – Woke up quickly – mid push off bed into dresser – Bruised Knee – Sleeping Soundly – can't breathe – struggling now – Pillow on my Face – Not a Dream – Wake up, Breathe! – Wait – Was it a Dream? Bruised Mind – Confused all the time – Flinch – Flinch – Flinch – Nice and friendly to Others – Smiles all Around – Where do you – get all your Bruises from? Choked out until passed out – Can't be too revealing – Stupid Girl – No one Wants YOU – or cares about what You're Feeling – You're TOO FAT – Don't EAT – STOP Eating – FAT FAT FAT – STUPID FAT GIRL – TRASH – Pathetic… – Without Question – Without Reason – Just Because – Just Because – Just Because – I was told I deserved it – Abuse Requiem – Meta Share your story! Doesn't matter how. Just do it! Mine is a bit dark and scary but I'm still sharing it because someone needs to hear it. Someone out there can relate to everything and anything. I believe this will reach the right person/people.  My story was a combination of different memories of an ex-partner that I had that made me believe I was something that I was not. It was hard to let go because other factors affected my situation. Other lives were affected as well.  All I thought to do was to stay quiet so that I could protect. But NO! Share your story! I am not quiet anymore! You have to remember to forget and move forward. Share the experience with others and take care of yourself. Protect yourself. You are not stupid. You are amazing. Please continue doing what you're doing and you will go far. You can get out of it. You can do it your own way – as I did. You can get out of it.  Everybody works on their own time and that's okay. Take care of yourself. I believe in YOU. That is my message for today. Please tune in next time for another Episode of Meta's Musings… — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/metapopsicle/message

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