Naïve Reprieve

Naïve Reprieve Meta's Musings

I was in love once –  Or so they have told –  I saw many things –  Even us growing old – But, I was Naïve – to put real Bold –  Such a Fool Really – With a Heart of Gold – So what happens now? – Do I fold? – No! – Bring in the New – Out with the Old – and when the Time comes – I will behold – a Silver Heart – you know – It's an Upgrade from Gold – Naïve Reprieve – Meta – Oh what a time to be Naïve!!! Can that person be right for you? Will we ever know? I don't know. Go look at yourself first. Hard to recognize yourself sometimes, isn't it? It's hard because you don't pay attention to yourself enough.  Go pay attention to yourself. There might be a connection between you and someone else but energy transfer can and will happen and you'll move on just fine.  — Send in a voice message:

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