Socially Mediatic


What a Shame –

Technology played right into the Game –

of Fame –

Fame Fame –

Say it Five times fast and it becomes –

Lame –

Lame Lame Lame –

Oh –

That was only Four –

Guess it’s time to settle the Score –

One moment please –


My Heart Stopped –

I had to Sneeze –

I’m allergic to the technologies –

Not even my trusty biofreeze –

can relax my muscle memories –

Brainwashed to enjoy the Fantasies –

That the technology brings –

and the little bird Sings –

Tweet Tweet Tweet –

and the bell rings –


the notifications flooding in –

grasping all with a finger spin –

to win – to win –

to win the hearts of many –

with a Gram on your Inst –

and a Book in your Face –

Snap Snap –

Chat Chat –

Ticky Tock and Twitch –

at least it calms your unsoothed itch –

a Discord if you will  –

just make sure to pay the bill –

unless You want to end up in the Tube.

Socially Mediatic – Meta

Life before social media.  Can you even think about it?  What if it never existed? Imagine waking up and not checking your phone.  Okay, now stop crying and go hug your phone.  Social Media has contributed equally to the positive and negative.  It has helped humans evolve in many, many ways – along with the technologies associated with it… like algorithms… but that is story for another episode of… Meta’s Musings…  — Send in a voice message:



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