My Knight

My Knight Meta's Musings

The veil is lifted –  My face shines bright –  The man in front was not my Knight – Control, Control, Fear, Anger, and Pain –  Nothing from this life to gain – My wings grew larger –  Hoping for flight –  and I was knocked down by my Cowardly Knight – Hate, Hate, Passion, Despair – My Knight didn't give one care –  My wings spread out from left to right – and I flew from my Overbearing Knight – Laughter, Laughter, Bliss, and Glee –  Dark is the Only Knight for me – My Knight – Meta – Not everybody is who they seem… You might know them for many years, but people change.  They change for themselves and that is okay.  Make sure that you are changing for yourself and Be For You. Think about that… Thank you all so much for the feedback on my podcast and all the support and tune in next time for another one of Meta's Musings! — Send in a voice message:

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