Claim the Experience –

Positive or Negative –

It’s never too late –

The support you need is there – 

Even if not physical –

Just wake up and see –

Cry if you have to –

Keep going –

Breathe –

Another experience will come –

Positive or Negative –

Opportunity –

Betrayal –

Loss –


Rinse –

Repeat –

You Are the Universe [Y.A.T.U] – Meta

Experiences can hit you in the face. Like the wake up call you didn’t ask for. Think about a time you had to face a challenging experience.  Wanna talk about it? Let me know @metapopsicle. Email/Send a voice message.  Let’s learn together and let’s help my podcast get to the 50 listener goal so I can sell you things from places.  Thank you again for listening to another one of… Meta’s Musings. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metapopsicle/message



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