The Raven | Her Side of the Story


It was cold and wet –

I had nowhere to go –

I flew around town – 

Gliding nice and slow –

I finally found a dark dark place –

It looked small and cozy, with its little space-

I tapped tapped tapped at the glass –

a window –

as they call it –

its ton of mass –

I kept on tapping with my beak that night –

Then I saw a man –

Filled with fright –

He began to talk to himself –

as to greet another guest –

He opened the door –

it bore an empty chest –

The man closed his chamber door –

so I tapped again –

even more –

Finally, he noticed my noise –

He opened the window with some poise –

I soared through that hole as I may –

I noticed a statue behind this man of gray –

After I perched up on –

the man asked me –

who I was –

why I was here –

why he was filled with glee and I fear –

and the first thing that came to mind –

was to answer with –

“Nevermore” –

This dreaded man started talking… as if Nevermore was my name –

I didn’t know as to why but he though of me as a shame… –

So I just stayed still… not a move of my beak –

then outside I heard a noise, well… it was more of a shriek –

I didn’t move, I was chill –

as silent as a hill –

The man then dragged a chair right over to me –

as if he was interested… as if I brought his fancy –

He began to insult me –

calling me everything negative –

I was just a Raven, I had nothing to give –

At that time I was young –

I was no bird of yore –

so he asked me a second question –

and I quoted –

“Nevermore” –

He seemed to understand –

yet he fell to the floor –

and all I kept barking –

was –

“Nevermore” –

He pondered whether if it was a sign –

or if I was a stray to watch him whine –

Is her spirit set free? Will I ever see my beloved Lenore? –

I kept to myself, just like before –

yet the man asked about a Familiar Lenore, with a spirit set free… –

I knew not what to do, all this new stuff to explore –

but again, nothing else to answer –

other than –

“Nevermore” –

It has been a fortnight since this man and my meeting –

This man, he gave himself a mental beating –

Thinking as I was not real –

what else could this poor man feel? –

I stayed to keep him company –

but he didn’t accept it –

He fled –

He cursed me –

Now people these days –

Think I’m a scare –

but what about the other horror stories? –

Don’t you even care? –

Didn’t you wonder why since the beginning of this glow –

I would answer back a great writer –

my creator, Edgar Allen Poe? –

The answer is simple –

Don’t you see? –

My spirit was the one set free… –

of course, there’s such thing as Nevermore –

I was the one who kept saying it –

For I  –

…am Lenore. –

The Raven | Her Side of the Story – Meta

Every story has more than one side, we can’t really see it sometimes until it is too late and the damage is done… all we can do is move forward and learn from our mistakes. Let’s keep to the present and live in the now. Follow my socials to know when and where you can catch me next and Thank You for listening to another one of… Meta’s Musings.


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